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Spend more time with your family and less time looking for answers this holiday weekend. Find information on programming events and self-help solutions HERE. Happy Thanksgiving from SLING TV!

Getting Started
What devices support the Sling TV app?
Installing SLING TV
Finding Your Game With Game Finder
Watching SLING TV On Multiple Devices
Adding Sports Extra
Checking For An Update
Using and Managing Cloud DVR
Watching On-Demand And Lookback Content
Navigating The Guide
Using Parental Controls
Having trouble recording a show?
Recording Over-The-Air Local Channels on AirTV Player
Using My TV
Adding Channels And Extras In The SLING TV App
Sling and TV Everywhere
Internet Speed Recommendations
Using Player Controls (FF, RW, Pause)
Available Settings
Watching College Football on SLING TV
Using Closed Captions
Using Keyboard Shortcuts On Google Chrome
Watching SHAHID
Choosing The Right Chromecast Device For You
Finding Your Game On ESPN3
Supported LG TV Models
Watching SLING TV On Google Chrome
Finding The Best Placement For Your OTA Antenna
Supported Samsung Smart TV Models
Renting A Movie
Using Search To Find A Show
Setting Up Your Roku Device
Watching SLING TV On Chromecast
Using The AirTV Player
Scanning For Local Channels On Your AirTV Player
Updating The Software Of Your AirTV Player
Viewing Your Scheduled Cloud DVR Recordings
Watching Local Channels With An OTA Antenna
Having trouble viewing a Cloud DVR recording?
Finding Your Game On A Regional Sports Network
Watching NHL Hockey
What Pay-Per-View events are on Sling TV?
Watching NBA Basketball
Finding Previously Viewed Channels On Your Roku
Watching College Basketball
Watching MLB Baseball
Watching NFL Football
Watching SLING TV On Microsoft Edge
Watching SLING TV On Portal TV
Como acesso o Globoplay com a minha assinatura da SLING?
Important Sports Updates
Quantos aparelhos podem estar sintonizados à Sling TV ao mesmo tempo?
Using 8-Day Replay on SLING International
Using Alexa Voice Control on SLING TV
LG TV Over-The-Air Channel Integration: How it Works
Sling Watch Party (Beta)
Como Instalar a SLING TV
Thanksgiving Programming on SLING