We’re constantly working to provide you with the best service at the best value, with the greatest flexibility. Unfortunately, NBC Sports Chicago has made the deliberate decision to block your access to their channel. They have made unreasonable demands, and we refuse to impose those demands on you, our customer. 

For more information and updates, please visit us at sling.com/promise

Choose an option below for more information: 

Will NBC Sports Chicago be coming back? 

We are always willing to engage in proposals that are fair for our customers, but based upon the demands we received from NBC Sports Chicago, we have not reached a deal to bring their programming back to Sling customers.

At this time, we believe it is unlikely that we will come to an agreement to restore this channel. Visit us at sling.com/promise for updates and more information. 

Will I be getting a refund? 

We will not be providing refunds at this time. 

Do I need to change my subscription? 

You do not need to make any changes to your subscription. If NBC Sports Chicago returns on Sling, you'll automatically see those channels appear in your guide.

 Is any alternative programming available? 

Check out NBCSN available with Sling Blue, or ESPN, available with Sling Orange.