If you recently signed up or restarted your Sling subscription, you may have noticed an item on your account called Sling Free. 

We've added Sling Free to your subscription as an additional service to provide you with free content available to Sling Orange, Sling Blue and Sling Orange + Sling Blue subscribers. 

Choose an option below for more information:

Am I being billed for Sling Free?

Nope! Just like the name says, Sling Free is totally free to you.

What is included in Sling Free?

We've added free programming from a number of our programming partners, and we hope to add more soon!

What if I already have Sling?

If you're an existing Sling TV subscriber, you already have access to Filmrise content, however, we'll be adding Sling Free to your account in the coming months.