We work hard for fair deals that keep all of your channel costs as low as possible. Unfortunately, Sling and all other TV providers have had to accept significant price increases from programmers to continue providing you great content. Sling is absorbing some of the overall cost increase, rather than passing everything on to our customers. 

For additional details, please choose an option below:

How much is my service increasing?

Your Desi service will see a monthly increase from $3-10, depending on the service you subscribe to. See the new monthly prices for impacted services below:

Current Monthly Price
New Monthly Price
Kannada Pack$15$20
Hindi Pack$25$30
Malayalam Gold$20$25
Malayalam Pack$15$25
Marathi Pack$15$18
Urdu Super$30$35
Urdu Super (Legacy)$24.99$35

When will my price go up?

For new customers, this change will take place beginning September 4. If you already have a Sling subscription, this change will take place beginning with your first bill after October 4.

Will you increase my price again this year, or in the next six months?

While we do everything in our power to keep your prices low, we can't say if your price will change again in the future. Programming costs continue to rise, but we work hard to negotiate fair deals that keep your prices as low as possible.