We’ve made it even easier to see your favorite content on Sling TV, even if you’re not subscribed to it. 

If you’re a current subscriber with a Roku device, you can add a service or channel to your account straight from the Sling TV app and quickly start watching your favorite shows and movies. Returning to Sling TV? Catch up on the shows you’ve missed by restarting your subscription in just three clicks. Let’s take a look at how:

Note: This feature is currently only available to customers using Roku devices. We hope to have this available on more devices in the near future.

Current Customers

If you’re currently a Sling TV subscriber, head to the Featured Shows, Featured Movies, or Featured Sports ribbons on your My TV screen. Here, you’ll see shows from services you’re not currently subscribed to. You can pick these out by looking for the Add icon in the upper-right corner of the show poster.

Once you’ve selected a program you’d like to see more of, the next screen will show you how much the add-on will cost, and other channels you’ll get.

Select Purchase Now to finish up adding your new service. You’ll be billed right away for your new service. For more information on how you’ll be billed for your Sling TV service, click here.

If you don't wish to see content you're not subscribed to, simply visit your Sling app Settings to disable the Display Unsubscribed Content feature.

Returning Customers

Welcome back! If you’re returning to Sling TV on your Roku device, you’ll see content in the Featured Sports, Features Shows, and Featured Movies ribbons from the service(s) you last subscribed to. Some content will have a Restart icon in the upper-right corner. To catch up on these movies and shows, you’ll need to restart your subscription.

Select the show's poster to restart your service.

From here, select Restart Services to start your subscription back up exactly the way you had it before. Want to try a new extra or see some different channels? Select Change Subscription to edit your available services.