We know the importance of finding the right match information, and we're here to help you find it quickly. 

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Find our schedule of current and upcoming series below, as well as some hints to help you get the most out of your cricket streaming experience!


The schedule for ongoing and upcoming 2019-2020 cricket series is below. Select a series to view a full schedule and channel information. 

Sri Lanka Tour of Australia October 24

Time (ET)
T20October 24, 20194:10amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
1st T20iOctober 26, 201911:30pmWillow HD / Willow Xtra
2nd T20iOctober 30, 20194:10amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
3rd T20iNovember 1, 20194:10amWillow HD / Willow Xtra

Pakistan Tour of Australia November 2

Time (ET)
1st T20iNovember 2, 201911:30pmWillow HD / Willow Xtra
2nd T20iNovember 5, 20193:10amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
3rd T20iNovember 8, 20193:30amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
1st TestNovember 20 - 24, 20197:00pmWillow HD / Willow Xtra
2nd TestNovember 28 - December 2, 201910:30pmWillow HD / Willow Xtra

New Zealand Tour of Australia December 12

Time (ET)
1st TestDecember 12, 201912:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
2nd TestDecember 25, 20197:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
3rd TestJanuary 2, 20197:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra

England Tour of South Africa December 26

Time (ET)
1st TestDecember 26, 20193:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
2nd TestJanuary 3, 20203:30amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
3rd TestJanuary 16, 20203:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
4th TestJanuary 24, 20203:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
1st ODIFebruary 4, 20206:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
2nd ODIFebruary 7, 20206:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
3rd ODI
February 9, 20203:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
1st T20iFebruary 12, 202011:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
2nd T20iFebruary 14, 2020
7:30amWillow HD / Willow Xtra
3rd T20iFebruary 16, 202011:00amWillow HD / Willow Xtra

Cricket FAQs

As many cricket matches are broadcast outside of our normal support hours of 8:00 AM - 1:00 AM ET, please use the section below to find answers for many of the common questions we receive in regard to watching cricket on Sling TV:

How many devices can I watch cricket on?

Sling International services including World Sports and Willow Cricket can be viewed on one device at a time. However, all Sling International subscribers can add two additional device streams to their account when changing their subscription at sling.com. 

Go to my Account

Once you’ve logged in to your account, select Change Subscription, and under Streaming, select Additional Streams, then Review to continue.

For full instructions on changing your subscription, click here

Why isn't my match live?

Sometimes, matches will be delayed due to weather or run long due to other circumstances. When this happens, live coverage will often run over in to the next program in the guide. 

When this happens, selecting the match you'd like to watch using the Lookback feature on Willow Cricket will start that match from the beginning. To watch live, when using the Grid View in your guide, select the program currently streaming. If you're using the Channel View, select the program labeled with On Now to watch live. 

See below for examples:

Grid View

Select what's currently on

 Then, select Watch Live

Channel View

Select the program On Now

Then, select Watch Live

Sometimes when watching a live event, you may notice that what you're seeing lags slightly behind what your friends see or what fans on social media are talking about. Due to the nature of live-streaming and how content is delivered to you, a delay of a few seconds is normal. However, if you notice that a delay has grown longer over the course of watching an event, try reloading the channel to catch your stream up. If you notice your stream falling behind consistently, give the following steps a try to see if they can help the issue:

  • Hard-wire your device: Using WiFi to stream is easy and convenient, however, hard-wiring your device with an Ethernet cable (if available) can deliver a more consistent and stable streaming experience

  • Limit your devices: Having too many devices connected to your home network can limit the bandwidth available for what you're streaming and cause delays

  • Close other apps: Too many applications open on your device can impact performance. Make sure to close any apps you're not using while streaming

I’m getting kicked off my account

If you’re seeing a message that another device is using your account and suspect that an unauthorized user may have access to your subscription, please reach out to us during our normal support hours (8:00 AM – 1:00 AM ET, 7 days a week) by scrolling to the very bottom of this page and selecting Contact Us so our agents can assist you.

How can I add cricket to my subscription?

If you’re subscribed to a service which doesn’t include Willow Cricket or Willow Xtra, you can add programming to your subscription by logging in to your account at sling.com. 

Go to my Account

Once you’ve logged in, select Change Subscription to see available extras.

Important Note: Make sure to fully review your subscription before adding more channels. We want to make sure you don’t accidentally add the same channels twice!

For full instructions on changing your subscription, click here

I’m experiencing a technical issue

Technical issues can be frustrating, especially if they happen when you’re watching one of your favorite events.

If you’re seeing an error code on your screen, enter that code in the search box in the top of this page to find steps tailored to the issue.

For technical issues not related to an error code, try searching for what your experiencing or checking the Resolve an Issue section for troubleshooting. Otherwise, these steps can resolve most streaming issues:

Check Connection 

  • Make sure your internet speed is strong enough for streaming Sling TV on your device. Click here for details

Change Channels

  • If your experiencing an issue on a specific channel, try changing channels, then changing back to the original

Relaunch App

  • Fully close and restart the Sling TV app on your device

Restart your device

  • Follow your device manufacturer’s specific instructions for restarting
  • Most streaming devices can be restarted by unplugging them from their power source for ten seconds, then rebooting

Reinstall App

  • Uninstall and reinstall the Sling TV app on your device. Follow device instructions for details on adding and removing applications