We hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel your subscription, follow these steps below.

Start by signing in to your Sling TV account here.

Enter your email address and password.

  • If you can't remember your Sling TV email address, if you're currently signed in on a device, navigate to Settings and select Account to see the email address currently logged in
  • If you forgot your password or need help logging in, click here for details


Click the Cancel Subscription link on your account page.

You'll be prompted by an offer message. If you'd like to take us up on the offer, click Keep SubscriptionIf you'd like to continue, click Cancel Subscription

 Next, let us know why you're leaving.


Before you go, make sure to check out the resources that may address your reason for cancelling. If these don't help, please let us know a little more about why you're cancelling, or what we can do better. We're listening! If you'd still like to cancel, click Continue to Cancelthen Confirm My Cancellation.

Your account has now been cancelled. We'll let you know when the cancellation will take effect, and where we'll send confirmation.

After you cancel,  your current paid subscription will run for the duration of your billing cycle or for any prepaid period. This means you can enjoy your subscription until your renewal date. If you cancel during a free trial, service will be terminated immediately. Please note that we do not provide refunds for prepaid or partial months of service.

For more information about our cancellation policy, see our Terms of Use.

See below for additional questions:

When will my cancellation take effect?

If you're currently in a free trial, your service will be cancelled immediately. 

For paid subscribers, your cancellation will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle. This also applies to prepaid periods. 

See below for examples.

  • Monthly: If you're billed on the 15th of each month, and cancel your subscription on the 12th, you'll continue to have service until the 15th.
  • Prepaid: If you signed up for a three-month prepaid offer and cancel after a month, you'll continue to have service for the two months remaining in your offer period.
You can confirm your billing date by logging in to your account here and checking under Your Subscription. 

Can I pause my Sling TV subscription? 

You bet! 

If you're moving, traveling, or just need a break from Sling for a bit, you can now pause your subscription.

To do so, sign in to your account at sling.com/account and select Cancel Subscription. You'll be presented with the option to pause. Select Pause My Subscription.

Next, select how long you'd like to pause your subscription for: One, two, or three months.

Important Note: Your DVR recordings will be lost if you select to Pause for longer than one month.

Once you've selected how long you'd like to pause your subscription for, select Next.

Finally, review the details on your Pause, including the date it will take effect, the date your subscription will restart, and what you'll be subscribed to when it restarts. Select Confirm Pause to finalize.

The Pause will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle and will automatically restart on the date shown. 

If you'd like to restart your service before the automatic restart, log in to your account at sling.com/account and select Restart Now.

Important note: Customers currently taking advantage of a promotion (prepay device bundle, annual plan or free trial), customers using only a Sling TV gift card as a payment method, customers that signed up through their device (excluding Roku), customers that signed up through an affiliate retail partner or customers that are using Amazon Pay are ineligible to pause their accounts at this time.

We'll see you soon!

Will deleting the app from my device cancel my subscription?

No. You'll still need to cancel your subscription online at sling.com.

I signed up on my Roku. How do I cancel my account?

If you signed up for Sling through the app on your Roku device, you can still cancel your subscription by signing it at sling.com here

I cancelled my subscription but still got charged, what can I do?

Please click Contact Us at the bottom of this page to chat with us, and our agents will be happy to look in to the issue.

Can I still watch if I've cancelled my subscription?

If you recently cancelled your Sling TV subscription, you’ll continue to have service until the end of your current billing cycle. If you cancelled during a free trial, your service will have been terminated immediately. Once your account expires following the end of your last billing cycle, you can still access hours of free content from Sling TV whether you have an active subscription or not.

Please note that while the full experience described below will only be available on Roku devices to start, many features are available on other devices, and we hope to have the full experience available on all devices in the coming months.

To start, launch your Sling TV app. From here, select Restart Service to restart your subscription just the way you had it before, Change Subscription to restart your subscription with a new service, or Browse Free Shows to check out some free programming.

If you’d just like to check out some free shows, choose from channels like TBS, TruTV, TNT, Food Network, HGTV, and History Channel. Browse all free content on the My TV screen under the Watch Now ribbon. 

You can also go to the Guide to browse programming by channel or Shows to browse by genre. 

Select a show and start it just like you would with your active Sling TV subscription.
How many devices can I watch free content on?
You can enjoy free content from Sling TV on two devices at one time with your expired account. If you restart your subscription, you'll be able to stream on the number of devices included with that service. Can I rent movies or Pay-Per-View?

Note that to rent movies or purchase Pay-Per-View, you must have an active credit/debit card on file. Click here for details on how to update your billing information.

Click here for more details on renting movies with Sling TV.

Click here for more details on purchasing Pay-Per-View events with Sling TV.

Can I watch over-the-air programming?
Yes! If you have an AirTV Player (white) with adapter and antenna, or an AirTV (black) connected to a supported device, you’ll still be able to view your over-the-air programming through the Sling TV app if you’ve cancelled your subscription.

For details on viewing over-the-air programming with the AirTV Player, click here.

For details on viewing over-the-air programming on other supported devices with the AirTV, click here. I cancelled because I don't watch that much. What can you do for me?
You can restart your Sling TV subscription with one of our available standalone services like Showtime, NBA League Pass, Curiosity Stream, and more! Click here for more information.

How do I sign out of my account?

If you're enjoying free content and are worried about another user accidentally restarting your subscription or renting a movie or Pay-Per-View, signing out of your account can prevent accidental purchases. Signing out is exactly the same as it would be if you were a paid subscriber:

  • Navigate to the Settings icon in the top corner of the app
  • Scroll down and select Sign Out to log out of your account